Brendan McCrann, MNM...

Brendan co-founded Future Pointe LLC and manages the company.  He earned his MNM (Masters of Nonprofit Management) from Regis University in Denver.  He's been an innovator at the intersection of agriculture, enterprise, and workforce development for 15 years

In 2009, Brendan formed Future Pointe and began developing new programs integrating local zero-waste, hunger relief, and agricultural systems in Southern Colorado.  In a recent community-based project, Brendan launched and oversaw a small-scale, test market livestock operation that converted both pre- and post-consumer food waste into animal feed and soil amendments.  The "old food to new food" agricultural operation catalyzed an economically viable collaborative of farmers, nonprofits, and recyclers. 

Brendan recently served as a Fellow of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and earlier joined a multidisciplinary Food Systems Modeling team studying a variety of rural food system dynamics, including food waste.  He has been a trade conference panelist and a presenter for multiple academic and community sustainability organizations.  Brendan recently consulted a Community Foundation in Michigan on a food waste initiative that would reduce and recovery regional waste while informing best practices and appropriate scale technologies for communities nationwide.

Brendan is a graduate of the University of Dayton in Ohio, where he earned his BA in Communication Management and Spanish.  Early in his career, Brendan coordinated and facilitated multiple academic/cultural immersions to Central America and worked in Urban Street Outreach as a Social Worker.  He grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southwest Michigan.  Brendan and his wife are expecting their first child in 2017 and enjoy camping with their dogs and growing gardens.