Future Pointe customizes and manufactures a variety of compact, mobile and modular facilities, including fully enclosed and self-contained bio-digesters for onsite distributed power (bio-gas) and organic fertilizer.

In this short video, Future Pointe's President Brendan McCrann offers a tour and detailed specifications of our simple food waste processing HUB - a mobile, modular, off-grid facility for recovery and basic value-adding for food waste.  These HUBs have been used in rural towns to convert packaged food waste into livestock feed, on farms to 'glean' and package imperfect harvests for distribution/sale, and by nonprofits to convert spoiled food into compost for gardens.

Future Pointe HUBs are fully customizable and feature great exterior surface for branding or artwork.
Contact us at 970-279-1773 or at www.FuturePointe.com to learn more or to inquire about your own project.