Future Pointe's FOOD RECOVERY HUBs: 

Future Pointe HUB Series are mobile, modular TRIAGE facilities which are fully customize-able and which:

1. Facilitate DECISION-MAKING for highest/best use of material (e.g. donation vs. livestock, compost vs. digester) and critical PRE-PROCESSING capacity such as de-packaging, 

2. Provide safe and comfortable work space for staff, and

3. Mitigate or coordinate inefficient movement or transportation.

Contained by or connected to the HUB, Future Pointe develops and installs appropriately scaled technologies, custom-designed to equip users with systems and tools to recover and create local value from locally generated food waste.  

HUBs may feature such value-generators as:

  • Solar Power & Storage
  • Localized Triage & Transfer
  • Various De-Watering and Dehydration equipment
  • Anaerobic Digester
  • Rapid Composter
  • Livestock Feed Manufacturing

Future Pointe works closely with customers in both co-design and co-implementation of its technologies.  We offer extensive and prolonged tech support and employment training services to ensure sustainable function and impact.  Our HUBs resolve two common and costly pitfalls to sustained waste-to-value efforts: infrastructure and technical partnership.

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