C O M P A N Y  H I S T O R Y

In 2017 Future Pointe commenced negotiations to add Compact Anaerobic Digestion technology to its systems offering.

In 2016 Future Pointe established a centrally-located test market laboratory between Loveland and Greeley for the design and development of appropriately scaled value-recovery technologies and related business systems incubation.  Projects were undertaken in Yampa Valley, Colorado and Southern Michigan.

In 2015 Future Pointe relocated to Northern Colorado and time was invested developing professional industry contacts both nationally and in the region and scouting for an appropriate location for regional HUB operations.

In 2014 Future Pointe developed and introduced a prototype mobile HUB unit for both on and off-grid conversion of food waste into compost and animal feed in Southern Colorado. 

In 2013 after 2 years sorting, opening, composting, and feeding animals the pre-consumer packaged food waste on a variety of 'early adopter' farms, Future Pointe emerged with a comprehensive strategy for converting discarded food into a saleable commodity, brokering relationships with agricultural producers,and for turning this intersection into a micro-economy for job creation.

In 2011 Future Pointe started testing various solutions to the food bank's packaged waste food - 250,000 lbs. per year.  The majority of the unusable food inventory was canned, jarred, bottled, bagged, or boxed.  Future Pointe operations evolved to include an internal farm with gardens, pigs and chickens, along with a transportation route to haul and sell recyclable byproducts of the packaged waste food.

In 2010 Future Pointe facilitated a Zero Waste Consultation for a member of the Feeding America network.  The consultation resulted in earned income strategies related to the organization's pallets, cardboard, paper, steel, and aluminum, saving the organization more than $20,000 annually on landfill diversion alone.

In 2009 Future Pointe was formed.  Initial operations explored strategies and models for enterprise to impact community development.  Early research revealed compelling potential for integration between agriculture, waste interception, and job training.

P H Y S I C A L  S E T T I N G

Future Pointe is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado - a city of 75,000 situated in the northern Front Range of Colorado.  It is a 20 minute drive to Fort Collins, home of Colorado State University; 45 minute drive to Boulder, home of University of Colorado at Boulder; and 1 hour drive to Downtown Denver, home of University of Denver, Regis University, and University of Colorado at Denver.  The nearby town of Greeley is a center of state industrial agriculture and home to the University of Northern Colorado.  Loveland is surrounded by a variety of hi-tech employers, government research centers, and national leaders in the sustainability field.  It is also home of the Northern Colorado Regional Airport, affectionately known as "Fort Love" to locals, and is a 45 minute drive from Denver International Airport.  Nearby Fort Collins was recently recognized by the Lemelson Foundation for Innovation at the Smithsonian in D.C. and is home of both The Powerhouse Energy Campus (hosts a variety of interdisciplinary laboratories and research spaces) and Innosphere (a 501c3 nonprofit technology incubator formed to accelerate the development and success of high-impact scientific and technology startup companies).