Industry Resources


-Midwest Food Recovery Summit - September 6-8, 2017 - Des Moines Marriott Downtown

-WasteExpo 2017 - May 9-11, 2017 - Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, Louisiana

-"Impact Bioenergy Sees Pickup in Demand for Portable Anaerobic Digesters" (2017, April 18) Press Release.

-"It's Time for Investors to 'Lean-In' on Wasted Food" (2017, April 11) NRDC Blog by JoAnne Berkenkamp (NRDC) and Allan Pearce (Trillium Asset Managment)

-"SEaB Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Project at UC Davis" (2017, April 11) Waste Management World.

-"BioHiTech Global Acquires Minority Interest in the Nation's First MBT Municipal Solid Waste Resource Recovery Facility" (2017, March 29) PR Newswire.         **BioHiTech Global hired an experienced Senior Executive for Marketing in December 2016**

-"Global Anaerobic Digester Market-Degremont, ADI System, Voith, Paques" (2017, February 14) Registrar Daily.

-"The Conservative Case For Carbon Dividends" (2017, February) Climate Leadership Council.

-Puxin's Food Waste Treating Biogas Plant (2017)

-"Schneider Electric buys Renewable Choice Energy" (2017, January 19) Biz West.

-"Waste-to-energy facility brings smelly complications" (2017, January 15) Coloradoan.

General Industry Status:

-"An Analysis of New and Emerging Food Waste Recycling Technologies and Opportunities for Application" (2016) Great Forest.

-ReFED (2016) A Roadmap to Reduce U.S.Food Waste by 20 Percent.  (funded by foundations D & L. Packard, Walmart, Impact Assets, et al.)

-“New Crop of Companies Reaping Profits from Wasted Food” (2016, May 24) New York Times  by S. Strom. (identifies some participants      pursuing waste recovery, etc.)

-"A Food Waste Company Connected Its Low-Tech Digesters To The Cloud Using AWS and Slack" (2016, September 23) Forbes by A. Kondrad.


-Cook, R. An Analysis of New and Emerging Food Waste Recycling Technologies and Opportunities for Application.  (high level analysis of biological digestion applications)

-Burbano, M. Transforming Food Waste Into Fuel(CDM Smith principal environmental engineer and project manager comments on wastewater treatment plans, co-digestion, and FOG - fats, oils and grease - as they relate to emergent food waste to fuel systems)

-Frangoul, A.  Plug and Play Anaerobic Digestion Takes Your Waste and Turns it Into Biogas. (a look at SEaB Energy's "plug and play" small scale anaerobic digesters)

-Ngoc Bao Dung Thi. Electricity generation comparison of food waste-based bioenergy with wind and solar powers: A mini review. (analysis of investment costs and economic benefits of bioenergy solutions)

-EPA.  Turning Food Waste into Energy at the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). (climate change implications)

Food Systems in Transition create Opportunities, Pressures & Threats:

-Juniper, T. (2016) What’s REALLY Happening to Our Planet? (NY: DK-Penguin).  (lots of “graphics and visuals,” e.g., carbon cycle, where       does “waste” go?)

-Nordhaus, W. (2013) Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty & Economics.  (prominent economist at Yale Univ. examines “carbon pricing”              forecasts)

-Rockstrom, J. and M. Klum (2015). Big World, Small Planet. Yale University Press.  (“planetary boundaries” analyzed from Stockholm          Resilience Center)

-Stern, N. (2015). Why Are We Waiting? The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.   (Lord N. Stern was initially globally famous for “The Stern Report” of 2007)

Organizations with Related Interests:

-Environmental Defense Fund –  (major concerns with GHGs, etc.)

-Ellen MacArthur Fdn –  - “circular economy”

-Natural Resources Defense Council –   (working with Rockefeller Fdn.)

-Rockefeller Foundation  --  (works with other organizations like NRDC on “food waste”)

-United States Dept. of Agriculture  and  EPA – 

-Council for Agricultural Science & Technology –