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Mike Vehar...

Mike Vehar, a Certified Engineer Manager (CEM), lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio.  Until early 2017, he worked for General Electric.  Mike now leads a start-up in the global food sector. He received a BS in Industrial Engineering Technology and an MS in Engineering Management and Systems from the University of Dayton.

Mike’s career has spanned technical and project management roles both domestic and abroad.  After graduate school, Mike worked for a contractor to the U.S. Department of Energy managing projects for the Tribal, Solar, and Biomass programs.  He later took a job as an engineer with the Territorial Energy Office of American Somoa and was responsible for all energy efficiency retrofit projects including major lighting upgrades to over 45 private and government facilities.

Before his tenure at General Electric, Mike was a Senior Analyst for The Cadmus Group.  There he evaluated energy efficiency programs in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts and Wisconsin.  A fluent Spanish speaker, Mike also launched and oversaw a point-of-use solar lighting company with distribution in South America.

Mike lives in Cleveland with his wife and newborn daughter.  He enjoys alpine skiing, volleyball, and above all else time with family.