During Spring 2017, Denver-based Future Pointe Consultant Reuben Gregory is working with Caleb Phillips, Data Scientist at Boulder's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, to support NRDC research objectives relating to community food waste recovery baselines and opportunities in Denver and beyond.

In Winter 2017 Future Pointe and Associates gathered with U.K. contacts to consider a proprietary Waste-to-Energy product design.

The Future Pointe Operational Research Lab has intercepted tonnage of surplus/waste bakery product from regional distributors to develop and test various de-packaging and value-adding techniques in a real-market environment.  Among other data, Future Pointe collected information about transportation, human resources, quality control, efficiency, and economic value recovery.  Future Pointe partnered with multiple, regional agricultural producers who received/collected the finished product, top-dressed as a feed alternative, and tracked/reported both logistical and growth feedback.

Other segments of the food waste stream researched in Future Pointe's Lab include: canned goods, shelf-stable liquids and non-perishable dry goods.

In Fall 2016 Future Pointe staff hosted City Government staff representatives for a tour of the basic Triage HUB prototype and a demonstration of "Bakery Surplus to Livestock" pilot research.

Reuben Gregory of Future Pointe's Consulting Team and Development Associate Hallie Jaeger at Alliance Center in Downtown Denver -discussing several potential HUB projects in the Denver Metro area, including schools, nonprofit food producers and distributors, and major retailers.

Future Pointe’s George Franklin and Brendan McCrann were instrumental in bringing our community’s attention to the food waste issue. Battle Creek is in a unique position to inform national solutions as a town of 50,000 residents with BOTH representative food waste components such as schools and grocers AND unique components such as mass feeders and distributors like Kellogg and Post.
Based on our work with Future Pointe, we’ve now asked funders, including the USDA, to support the formation of a Food Waste Solutions Institute in Battle Creek. The Institute would be a test market laboratory for coordinated PREVENTION, RECOVERY, and RECYCLING strategies to help communities nationwide evaluate and plan their most economical and sustainable food waste responses.
— Bill Schroer

Battle Creek, Michigan: March-April, 2016

We have more concentrated food expertise in a 5 block radius in the central part of downtown than exists anywhere else in the country.
— Bill Schroer

In response to Sec. of Agriculture Vilsack's September 2015 announcement of a national goal tackling food waste, The City of Battle Creek, its Economic Development office - Battle Creek Unlimited, the Battle Creek Community Foundation, and regional business leader Bill Schroer engaged Future Pointe in Spring 2016 to evaluate Battle Creek's opportunity to impact food waste reduction and recovery, nationally.  Future Pointe facilitated a feasibility assessment then developed a plan for a national Food Waste Solutions Institute and helped submit a USDA proposal for initial funding.  

Battle Creek is home to Kellogg Company, Post Foods, ConAgra Foods, the International Food Protection Training Institute, and Covance Labs, to name a few.  Its tradition and competency as a 'food city' is unparalleled and as such, Battle Creek has proposed a plan for the Food Waste Solutions Institute, a test market laboratory for understanding, testing, and refining how a community might coordinate its investments and optimize its impact on food waste.  The learning curve can be steep, and expensive.  Battle Creek aims to demonstrate the technologies (such as Anaerobic Digestion) and strategies (such as Ad Campaigns) in an interactive and educational environment to promote best practices, dialogue, and lasting impact.


Future Pointe employs its community-based Food Waste Triage model, reflecting a circular economy, which leverages packaged food waste to create local jobs, stimulate local agricultural productivity, and reduce both carbon and methane emissions.  Pilots in two Colorado communities are under consideration as of June, 2016.

Copyright 2016 by B. McCrann, Future Pointe L3C

Copyright 2016 by B. McCrann, Future Pointe L3C

Copyright 2016 by B. McCrann, Future Pointe L3C

Copyright 2016 by B. McCrann, Future Pointe L3C

January 15, 2016

Future Pointe Supporting CSU Extension on Food System Study

Future Pointe is supporting Colorado State University and Routt County Extension in facilitation of a Food Systems Dynamic Modeling process with stakeholders in Routt County, Colorado.  The model will allow the community to see their food system in real time and make decisions about resources, priorities, and changes based on an understanding of how each will influence the whole.

January 1, 2016

Future Pointe Staff Join Rocky Mountain Farmers Union as Fellows

Brendan McCrann and Brittany Honeycutt were accepted in RMFU's 2016 Fellows Class and will participate in four weekend sessions over the course of the year, one of which being a trip to Washington, D.C.  The Fellows program is centered on the need for strong leadership in agriculture and in rural communities.  The program will facilitate learning in key areas such as agriculture, food policy, and food systems. 

December 10, 2015

Rep. Chellie Pingree Sponsors HR 4184 - the Food Recovery Act

The proposed federal LEGISLATION would impact farmers, retailers, restaurants, consumers, schools, and food banks.  It would be the first comprehensive legislation to address food waste following Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced national food waste reduction goals in September.

November 18, 2015

Former Future Pointe client Care and Share Food Bank Launches Social Enterprise!

As a result of Future Pointe's consultation and program design, Care and Share Food Bank joined the Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange to develop a business plan around its waste stream.  Care and Share is now preparing to launch GOALZERO Recycling.  The entity will be a for-profit business that will help fuel the mission of Care and Share by providing recycling services to local businesses, corporations, and organizations.

Future Pointe partnered with us to design a program that was sustainable and responsible.
The outcome is a solidly established Zero Waste program that saves Care and Share in waste removal fees, generates revenue for our food bank, and allows us to feed hungry people.
— Stacy Poore, Chief Development Officer, Care and Share Food Bank

November 11, 2015

Future Pointe client Metro Caring now diverting 250,000 lbs. of pre-consumer, packaged organic waste from landfill annually. 

Future Pointe has given us the imagination and program design necessary to keep our unusable food out of the dumpster (5,000 lbs. each week), saving our organization thousands every year. We now open packages of waste food everyday into containers that will become compost, an activity that serves a job-training function with clientele. Still other food waste is composted onsite and integrated with our 1,000 square foot greenhouse, where we grow healthy food for clientele and for sale in the community. Future Pointe helped us expand our understanding of and impact on ‘food security.’
— Reuben Gregory, Garden and Nutrition Coordinator

September 25, 2015

Future Pointe ready to help nonprofit organizations, grocery and restaurant businesses, and municipalities MEET FEDERAL OBJECTIVES TO REDUCE FOOD WASTE


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced September 16, 2015 that they will lead a new partnership with charitable organizations, faith-based organizations, the private sector and local, state and tribal governments to REDUCE FOOD LOSS AND WASTE in order to improve overall food security and conserve our nation's natural resources.

Objectives include:

  • Consumer Education
  • Rural and Agricultural Support
  • Streamlined and Legitimized Donation Processes
  • Stimulate Research
  • Innovation (economic development and job growth) 


Future Pointe has joined the EPA's Food Recovery Challenge and is AVAILABLE NOW to help nonprofit organizations, grocery and restaurant businesses, and municipalities to meet these new Federal objectives.  Future Pointe is uniquely qualified to help you as stakeholders:  INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND REALIZE FINANCIAL SAVINGS, GENERATE NEW REVENUE, EARN PUBLIC RECOGNITION AND FEDERAL ENDORSEMENT, AND PROMOTE LOCAL COMMUNITY HEALTH, all through the lens of waste recovery and reduction.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you be a part of this economic, social, and environmental OPPORTUNITY.

September 15, 2015

We’re excited to work with Future Pointe on building our capacity to help business, nonprofit, and civic leadership in the Yampa Valley respond to food waste creatively!
— Sarah Jones, Executive Director, Yampa Valley Sustainability Council

Future Pointe signs on to help Yampa Valley Sustainability Council (YVSC) identify and mobilize stakeholders toward community-wide food waste recovery and reduction.