Reuben Gregory...

Reuben is responsible for Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships at a Denver hunger relief center, Metro Caring. He has merged his previous careers in politics, education, and social work with his passion for agriculture. While spending a decade in social work, he began to understand the importance of access to affordable and healthful food for all.  His passion for growing food at home led to starting community gardens which then led to farming for different entities, such as Denver Public Schools.  Here he learned of the complications of making urban agriculture succeed, assisting in private and public partnerships as well as for-profit and non-profit collaborations. 

While at Metro Caring, he has provided leadership in programming areas including food access, food waste reduction, and nutrition and gardening education.  He currently also manages multiple urban farms and a greenhouse where he integrates food production outputs with an operation that daily distributes three tons of (mostly) redirected food waste to people in need.  Metro Caring has its own zero-waste trajectory, where Reuben advises on new strategies as volume increases.  Reuben is a former Rocky Mountain Farmers’ Union fellow, and currently sits on the board for a new agriculture-based faith community called The Land.   In the summer of 2016 he joined the mayor-appointed Sustainable Food Policy Council of Denver for a two-year term. 

Reuben, who has dual citizenship in both the United Kingdom and United States, studied Political Science at The Ohio State University and started his career as a Legislative Aid in the Ohio House of Representatives.  Reuben's wife is actively involved with Foundation administration involving sustainability issues and their four children are burgeoning urban farmers.  Reuben and his family reside in Denver, embracing urban life by day and dreaming of farming in the plains by night.